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the Wild Blue story

The Wild Blue story began in the early 1970's when a young boy and his brother would dream of flying.  They were often found looking skyward, dreaming of the day they might fly as they'd watch planes, helicopters and balloons as they floated high above. Since the days of the early 1070's, drawn by their passion, the thrill of flight, their love for the clear blue skies and the freedom it represents, the two charted a course to build a brand that captures their love of flight and the life that flying represents to all those who take to flight as well as those who dream of taking flight.

As a premier aviation focused brand, Wild Blue strives to bring together all types of flight by which pilots, their passengers and all aviation enthusiasts enjoy the heavens above.  The Wild Blue brand represents the feeling of freedom one experiences the moment they've broken the bond between their feet and the earth below.  The Wild Blue brand is a symbol of who we are and what we love most in life and that's just it - a way of life.

Wild Blue branded sportswear is made of the highest quality materials and reflects the life up high we all dream about.  Each of our designs has been created showcasing aviation at its best - as a means of proudly displaying what it is that ignites our passion and desire to reach ever-higher, every day.  So whether your a pilot or a dreamer, weather you enjoy flying at the speed of the wind or flying at the speed of sound, we have captured your passion and your dreams within the Wild Blue brand.  We all have one thing in common - flight!  Dare to come fly with us and join the Wild Blue family. . .